Welcome to Athens Chamber of Tradesmen

Message of the new President of Athens Chamber of Tradesmen

Mr Ioannis  Chatzitheodosiou

I am both honored and privileged to have been elected, by my colleagues, as the new President of Athens Chamber of Tradesmen. Our Chamber has a long history and apart from the active participation in interventions arising from its statutory role, strives to provide   modern and efficient services  to its members.

The challenge is great and we are all willing that our effort will focus on protecting the interests of our members, seeking solutions to their problems, providing them with continuously improved and innovative services,  supporting them to acquire knowledge, contributing in this way to their welfare and growth.

We live in a constantly changing global environment and within this framework we try to enhance the extroversion and innovativeness of Athens Chamber of Tradesmen in our effort to contribute greatly to the extroversion of our members, promote their creativity and innovativeness and reinforce their competitiveness.

I remain convinced   that   our long experience and our highly experienced staff will provide a compass for our efforts to serve our members with programs services and initiatives that address every aspect of the businesses.

Of course the new management of the Chamber is willing to work hard in order to develop our Chamber and make a significant contribution to the future growth of the business community of the greater region of Athens.

Co-operation, effectiveness, accountability   are needed more than ever before.


Ioannis Chatzitheodosiou

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