Message by G. Chatzitheodosiou – EEA President

“Being entrusted by your colleagues in presiding over the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen is a great honor and I thank everyone for that trust.

At the same time, however, it is something that, not only for me but overall for the new Management, increases responsibilities without depriving optimism.

Responsibilities for carrying out heavy duties at the most critical moment in Greece’s post-political history. We ought -as an institutional body- to protect not only the interests of small and medium-sized businesses and tradesmen “suffocating” today by the unprecedented recession and severe tax policy, but also social cohesion itself.

Let our members be sure that we will move in this direction.

One of our weapons is the experience we have gained through all this time of crisis, as it has been witnessed at all levels of society, EEA now speaks, claims and proceeds with realistic proposals.

That is exactly why we are optimistic. We have sent the message that the EEA is not the “poor relation” but a credible interlocutor and a strict judge.

Our other big “weapon” should be no other than unity. The times we live in are difficult and we must all realize that there is no one left to spare in striving for the survival of tradesmen in the various sectors.

Only united we can hope for a reversal of the prevailing negative climate. We aim at what we hope and we will achieve it!

As President of the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen, I extend my hand to everyone. Within and outside the Chamber.

But I must inform that we will oppose against efforts that are not aimed at the general good and in the interests of our members.

There is no room for personal policies and petty interests. Conflict does not scare the new EEA Management.

On the contrary, we are determined to shake up the “stagnant waters” in order for the small and medium-sized tradesman, the man who has struggled in recent years to stand upright and with dignity to keep his business open, to continue to walk holding his head up, honestly and productively.

The Athens Chamber of Tradesmen, with its long history and highly qualified staff, can and should play an important role in the developments that will greatly shape our lives.

The new Management is determined to work for this and invites those who believe that the game has not been lost and that we can change for the better and at the same time change the future of this country to fight together. Now we are all judged not by intentions but by actions and efficiency.

I wish you all a great deal of strength!”

Ioannis Chatzitheodosiou

EEA President

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