1. Decision of the foreign company to set up a branch in Greece specifying the purpose, the location and the tradename of the branch.
  2. Articles of association of the foreign company, as in force at the time of the application, with legalization by the competent authority of domicile.
  3. Certificate from the competent authority of the country of domicile that the company has not been dissolved nor its setting up authorization revoked.
  4. Certificate of persons representing the foreign company in its country of domicile.
  5. The registration number of the company in its country of domicile. Companies outside the European Union where the law of their country does not provide for registration, are exempt.
  6. Certificate of competent authority for the paid-up capital of a foreign company in the case of companies outside the European Union.
  7. Notarial or Consular act on appointment of an authorized representative and representative ad litem of the company in Greece, who may be the same person.

Note: The proxy, representative and representative ad litem appointed and residing in Greece shall submit:
(a) In the case of an EU national: a true and accurate copy of ID / Passport or
(b) In case of a national of a non-EU country: true and accurate copy of Residence Permit for pursuing independent economic activity or Residence Permit as a Limited Liability Company manager and legal representative or member of the Board of Directors of a Public Liability Company.

  1. EEA Attestation on the pre-approval of the Branch’s Tradename and/or Distinctive Title.
  2. Application (filling in this form signed before the GCR Service, when submitting supporting documents, either by the appointed proxy and representative ad litem, or by his authorized representative (with a simple authorization with authentication of the signatory’s signature).
  3. Form M3 (of the branch) for inspection.



  • The above documents, issued abroad, must have an APOSTILLE or consular authority legalization and be accompanied by an official translation into Greek.
  • For companies domiciled outside the European Union there should be a reciprocal agreement with Greece in respect of Limited Liability Companies,
  • For the approval of the setting up in Greece of a branch of a Limited Liability or Public Limited Company domiciled outside the EU, the minimum capital of the parent company must necessarily be equal to the minimum capital required for the same legal form of Greek Companies.