One-Stop-Shop for setting up businesses. What is it:

One-Stop-Shop (OSS) is a multi-service online collaboration network that operates through an online application developed on the GCR platform and aims to simplify and accelerate the processes of setting up and operating any form of commercial company in our country. The scope of One-Stop-Shops does not include companies whose setting up is not original, but originates from a conversion, as well as companies whose commencement of economic activity requires any administrative approval or decision.

Advantages of One-Stop-Shops

  • Drastically reduce the barriers that hinder the start of business activity
  • Saving of time and money for the new entrepreneur
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Fight against corruption stemming from the complexity of the administrative mechanism


One-Stop-Shops – Chambers – Notaries

The One-Stop-Shops operating in the chambers are designated as competent Services of the General Commercial Register (GCR) of article 2 of Law 3419/2005 (Government Gazette A 297), as amended by article 13 of the law in force and are responsible for setting up personal companies (Unlimited and Limited Partnerships of sanitary interest and Private Companies).

For the setting up of limited liability companies, public limited companies, as well as in all other cases where a notarial deed is required, the notary is designated as the “One-Stop-Shop” that draws up the articles of association, provided that he/she fulfills the legal requirements.

Brief Description of Company Setting Up Procedure via the One-Stop-Shop – Chambers

According to current data, setting up a business through One-Stop-Shops is carried out in two phases.

During the first phase the dossier is received, the completeness of the documents according to JMD K1-802 (23.3.2011) is checked, as well as the necessary authorizations (i.e. it is checked whether the signatures of the authorizations are certified for their authenticity). The tradename and distinctive title are then checked. Phase I completion times do not exceed 15΄-30΄, but require the physical presence of an authorized person.

Phase B of the procedure uses the web application of the One-Stop-Shop https://www.geminet.gr/geminet/) which is accessible through the GCR website  (www.businessportal.gr) and the establishment of the business takes place in 3 separate stages:

  1. Checking partners’ and company representative TIN – search via the website of the General Secretariat of Information Systems (taxisNet)
  2. Enter activity code numbers, KAD.
  3. Registration in the chamber register with the automatic transfer of filled in business information from the electronic application of the One-Stop-Shop and immediate issuance of the TIN for the new company.

The time for the completion of Phase 2 varies and requires the physical presence of the representative only at the final stage of payment of the relevant fees. This procedure is usually completed within 24 hours. That is, the interested parties receive the company completed after one business day!