The Athens Chamber of Tradesmen is housed since 1955 in the Palace Konstantopoulos located at 44, Panepistimiou and Harilaou Trikoupi street in Athens  and has a branch in Glyfada. Existing building infrastructure includes facilities for serving its members,  offices and storage areas, auditorium for the  61 member  Board of directors and rooms fully equipped with teaching aids .

It  has  48 employees of different background including extensive experience on registries, on  vocational subjects and on  the design and management of European programmes .

It has  upgraded accounting and human resources management applications,  new information system  with ability to manage large volumes of data. Additionally  operates a  portal  www.eea.gr  that provides its members timely and accurate information on various issues such as Registry records, documentation services, as well as all kind  topics that are interesting to the  business world. Topics such as  legislation, news, intervention  of the  Chamber Community, current financing programs, green innovative  entrepreneurship, are presented.

Through the portal the services of “e- Chamber” are available to its members, a modern web-based tool, that provides new and efficient ways to access business – services  in the chamber that  is also  connected to the modern social networking tools (facebook, tweeter etc.)