The Athens Chamber of Tradesmen apart from the active participation in interventions arising from its statutory role, strives to provide modern and efficient services to its members, by upgrading the services provided as well as introducing new ones, utilizing experiences from other countries and opportunities offered through National and European Programmes .

Specifically the activities of the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen the last years include:

  • Consultative and advisory body of the State

Participates in government committees and boards representing the interests of its members (such as the consultation committee of the Ministry of Finance, committees of Prefecture of Attica and the  municipality of  Athens, committees of the social security organization in Greece, the Insurance agency professionals etc.).

Submits documents and pleadings in the state, on matters relating to its  members. In addition, the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen supports its members to safeguard their   just demands in Greece and in other countries.

  • Arbitration and Expertise

Conducts   settlement of disputes by arbitration   and carries out sampling after application by its members. The list of experts and arbitrators include not only members of the board of directors of the Chamber but third parties as well.

  • Issuing of Licenses, Certificates , Registers

Keeps a register of company names and discreet “Title of a company”, as well as a special register   of insurance agents, insurance brokers and insurance advisors, coordinators and estate agents and issues licenses for  insurance agents and others. It   interfaces with the General Trade Registry (G.E.M.I) which is the largest electronic data base that records the data and the development of all forms of  business entities in Greece. It is part of the network of contact points for businesses that provide «one stop shop» services for the completion of procedures required for partnership and limited partnership.

For effective and faster services from the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen its   members have the ability to utilize the services of «e-Chamber» and the «e-banking» offered   to them.

  • Information services

Provides comprehensive information and updates to  its members with  regard to all economic developments, the National and European programs and on specific  issues related   to their  business activities.

For this purpose it informs its members through the Portal «www.eea.gr», the  «e-Newsletters»  that are sent systematically and   through specific SMS, making the best of the use of ICT.  Furthermore organizes information sessions and workshops for presentation of programs and specialized information   to its members in co-operation with other agents,  Managing  Authorities, Ministries, the Region of Attica, the municipality of  Athens,  etc.

  • Participation in European Networks

Hosts  the “SME National Contact Point/ HORIZON2020”  framework programme for  Research and Innovation of  E.U., nominated by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious affairs/General Secretariat for Research & Technology,  providing  awareness technical assistance & support to SMEs  participating in   HORIZON2020.

Additional hosts the “Focal Point for 2014 ” of EUROPE DIRECT Network and systematically co-operates with the partners of the Enterprise Europe Network  of  D.G Enterprise of European Commission .

  • Participation in National and European programmes 

Participates  in National and   European programs in order to gain benefits for its members.

It has participated  in various EU and national  programs such as the program for the «Creation of  the Center of Business and Technology Development of Attica (KETA ) »  with the financing of the Operational Programme of Competitiveness (OPC) (CSF III), and the program which included » Transnational placement of new employees, in the food sector , members of the Chamber in order to acquire specific skills in catering and “Hotel Management units » funded by the Community program Leonardo da Vinci.

The last few years a number of projects that  are  expected   to have  essential results for its members  have been approved and are at the stage of elaboration   (submitted in the context of relevant call of proposals) such as:

  1. Projects co-finance by  E.C and the Greek Government under the operational programme of Attica of the municipality of  Athens e.g the project Creative Clusters Network Open Innovation » and the project “Chambers cooperation on social responsibility”.
  2. Projects  co-financed by E.C. and the Greek Government  on  “local employment plans for Greece (TopSA)» under the operational programme of the region of Attica e.g the project “Fostering sustainable employment and micro-entrepreneurship through innovative green economy activities in Athens etc”.
  • Projects  on “ vocational training  for employees in small firms (1-25 LAEK)” financed by the account for employment and vocational training.
    Consulting Services

Additionally advice is offered for open call of proposals of European programs   (co- financed   by the Greek Government and E.C.) that are addressed to the small and medium sized enterprises.
Provides legal and tax advice to its members on issues that are for their interest with daily presence of experts in the premises of the Chamber.

  • Promote green entrepreneurship

Functions the “Forum of Green and Innovative Entrepreneurship” in cooperation with Chambers, Universities, social partners and policy makers to encourage very small enterprises in the Region of Attica on the implementation of environmental practices in their daily operation and supports for production of green products and provision of green services

  • Education and life – long learning

Organizes seminars on the following subjects  :

  1. «Security Techniques » for employers (with less than 50 employees), who wish to be trained to undertake themselves the  tasks of the safety technician in their company.
  2.  » Basic Principles of Food Hygiene and Safety  »  for  employees to ensure the quality , and  the production of safe products and consumer protection on the hygiene and safety of foodstuffs .
  3. Teacher training   seminar  on first Aid and  fire safety,  for the  teaching staff of driving schools  in order to provide them with  the appropriate  teaching competences (knowledge, skills, and tools ).
  4. Seminars in various fields such as marketing, sales, advertising, human resources management,   information technology, evaluation and assessment of real estate, legal Tax , English,    organization and administration of modern business etc., in cooperation with s its subsidiary  companies.
  • Promotes international co-operation and networking

Develops partnerships with various organizations in Greece and abroad to promote the interests of its members, as well as   to exchange experiences and obtain  know how. Supports  the   participation of its members in international fairs and business missions and occasionally  has organized or co-organized in collaboration with other bodies or associations.

  • Conference Organization

Organizes or co-organizes with other relevant National or European bodies conferences   that examine   issues concerning its members (such as dealing with the crisis, etc).

  • Sectoral Studies

Conducts   sectoral studies where apart from the current situation, the perspectives and opinion of the  professionals have been recorded and analysed. Furthermore   functions   an online library that gathers all studies, researches and reports with the aim to keep its members informed  with all the sectoral information .

  • Awards

Organizes  competitions to reward entrepreneurs or young people for their entrepreneurial spirit, their  creativity or their services. Such  competitions were organized in cooperation with its subsidiary companies   e.g the student essay contest were students were  awarded for the most creative and practical essay on the subject of  ‘Opportunities in the Crisis. «