The Athens Chamber of Tradesmen through its transactions with the large number of its members has acquired a comprehensive and specific knowledge of the Greek business environment. The Chamber has addressed and addresses every day the numerous and varied needs of tradesmen working in the Athens area, as a result of which it is highly aware of their particular needs and adapts its services to meet them.

It invests significant resources every day in improving the functioning of the Chamber and in particular in providing digitized Services to its members. A major objective remains the increase in the contributory services and, in combination with the already great offer of information, education, protection and development of its members in the business environment, to further contribute to the recovery of the national economy.

The Athens Chamber of Tradesmen in the framework of its responsibilities:

  • Advises and submits studies and memos to the State on any matter that concerns tradesmen, either in their entirety or individually by industry.
  • Informs about issues that concern the tradesmen such as professional housing, municipal taxes, licenses etc.
  • Participates with its representatives in committees of general and special interest with the ultimate aim of protecting the interests of tradesmen in its region. Issues to its members registration certificates and certifies the authenticity of their signature.
  • Performs expert evaluations and sampling. The list of experts who have been sworn in before the President of the Court of First Instance, who are appointed by the Board of Directors to carry out the expert evaluation to members of the Chamber that request so and which is valid for ten years, shall be compiled by the members of the Board of Directors.
  • Financially supports the trade unions whose members belong to its power.
  • Provides assistance through Chamber arbitration for the speedy resolution of commercial disputes.
  • Maintains a register of business tradenames and distinctive titles of businesses.
  • Maintains a special register and issues IDs to insurance advisers, insurance agents, insurance brokers and insurance advisor coordinators.
  • Maintains a register of Real Estate brokers
  • Implements employer training programs on the issues of practicing technical safety officer duties in their businesses.
  • Participates in conferences and workshops with the aim of informing its members.
  • Provides information on international fairs abroad and in Greece.
  • Issues a bi-monthly newsletter in electronic form, containing up-to-date tradesmen news, notes and articles referring to the trade and economic sector, news from the European Union, market, finance, taxation issues, information on international exhibitions, etc.
  • Organizes trade missions abroad, contributing to the development of our country’s trade links with foreign markets.
  • Carries out sectoral studies aiming at modernizing and increasing the competitiveness of businesses.
  • Assigns opinions to specialized legal experts on issues affecting the branches of its power, with the aim of substantiating their claims to the State.
  • Provides information on Community tenders concerning its tradesmen – members.
  • Maintains a website providing its members with a range of services such as: Internet access, use of e-mails, creation and upgrading of professional websites, etc.